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Why train with Pristine Teeth Whitening Academy?

• Pristine is the #1 teeth whitening training academy worldwide! We have trained hundreds of successful specialists all around the globe!
• Our training guide is based off of the ADA training for whitening teeth, & over 4 years of teeth whitening experience!
• We give you tools, personalized materials, tips and tricks, & over 12 years of marketing experience!
• We have an amazing online support group for our trained & certified specialists!
• Our gel is the safest & strongest on the market! It is enamel building, FDA approved, desensitizing, & plant based! We ensure you’re getting the best of the best!

  •  We offer online webinars & in person training! Join our team from anywhere in the world!

• Retail Pristine toothpaste for your clients to maintain their results, or sell it on its own, & make extra profit!
• Continued access to purchasing gel, toothpaste, & other products on our website at a discounted price!
• We provide you with access to the best & most affordable teeth whitening liability insurance!
• Consent forms & aftercare sheets for your clients!

• We are a licensed, insured, & registered academy!
• Finance plans! We understand it’s scary to make an investment, so we’re willing to let you pay as you go! Start for only $500 down, & get your training and kit so you can whiten as you go!

We would LOVE to answer any more questions you might have! Feel free to reach out to Pristine at (801) 251-6513.

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