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Home parties with Pristine, aren't just about whitening, they're about the experience!


When you invite us to your party, we bring the experience to you, in the comfort of your own home. We love special occasions, but a girls’ night is just as important to us as the big day. Regardless of the reason, a party with Pristine is always a celebration!





The beauty of a private party is intimacy. We get to know you & your people in your true environment while providing something totally unique & fun.


  • It's $200 per person & we require a $100 non-refundable deposit ( unless cancellation notice is given 48 hours in advance) and a minimum of 10 guests to book a home party - we've learned this will make the party worthwhile for everyone!

  • The party host receives a free whitening & whitening toothpaste!

Adding us to your guest list comes with minimal effort on your end.


All we ask for is an outlet!


Other than that, you party, we whiten. As a host, you have no reason to worry about us. We’re happy to go with your flow & serve as the main act or just an added bonus! Once everyone gets whitened, we’re out of your hair. Unless, of course, we’re having too much fun. This is common, but keep in mind we never whiten & drink (;


Pristine whitening parties are what you make of them! We'd love to chat with you ahead of time to hear more about your special event & how we can curate the best experience for you & your guests. You can always count on us to provide great vibes & beautiful smiles, the rest is up to you!

Reach out to Pristine at 801-251-6513 or to inquire about your teeth whitening party today!

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